Trajectory execution and MoveIt!

The Jaco arm can now execute a joint trajectory with the implemented arm controllers in Gazebo. The trajectory can be computed with MoveIt!. Collision objects (like the cube to be grasped) are also sent to MoveIt! via the object information pipeline described in the wiki.

There has also been work on existing and new tutorials on the wiki, to which I would like to refer to in general. Probably the wiki contains more up-to-date information than this blog.


Added Jaco example

Most recent work on my packages include:

  • added the Kinova Jaco arm as example configuration
  • written control plugins for the Jaco arm in gazebo
  • tested ros_control with the Jaco arm
  • worked on the build system for my fork of GraspIt
  • worked on the wiki pages and added tutorials
  • started working on backwards compatibility with ROS Indigo

The next goal is to finish testing the joint trajectory execution for the Jaco arm, and integrate it with MoveIt!. Then, the grasp execution can be tested with the Jaco arm.